FlipAlly is the mobile marketplace of choice. Compatible with iOS and Android, FlipAlly makes selling and buying preloved items easier than ever. Snap a photo directly from your phone and upload it to your page, without having to go through a computer. And did we mention – our interface is simply gorgeous?

Location-based capabilities

FlipAlly is your beloved backyard sale in the digital world. Our location-based filters allow you to sell and buy from people in your immediate neighborhood. Does your community sells and buys frequently in a few distinct locations? Discover them on the platform! Our location based features priorities users closest to you. No more commuting for miles to buy or deliver items.


Preloved = Green. At FlipAlly, we make selling your preloved items easier than ever. We know you care about the environment and are looking to find your preloved items a new home. Connect with like-minded individuals and Flip It, while reducing wastage and doing your part for the environment.

Community Marketplace

FlipAlly is more than a mobile marketplace: it’s a community, designed for interconnectivity. To register, you need to have a .edu account and outsiders can only join with a referral code from current users. This means you can chat up sellers and buyers with confidence, knowing they’re students just like you or friends of students! Closed to outsiders, FlipAlly lets you exclusively sell to people you know. The first of its kind, FlipAlly allows students to resell preloved items within their local trusted communities.

Trust & Reliability

We take the safety of our users extremely seriously and we want nothing more than for you to Flip It with confidence and peace of mind. We filter outsiders and create an exclusive community of students, who share your ideology about preloved items. Take advantage of our trusty review system to browse or leave reviews of your experience and make FlipAlly better for everyone.

Online marketplace meets social network

FlipAlly facilitates face-to-face communication and helps you stay connected. Add your friends and browse their recent purchases on the social News Feed. Or play around and change the names of your listings: ‘Cyril Chua just bought a brain from Debbie Chua’. Easier than a breeze and more fun than a day at the beach!


We know you like to stay connected which is why FlipAlly offers cross-platform compatibility. Share your listings on the Facebook Marketplace, via Whatsapp or on Slack, or send them by email.


At FlipAlly, we believe in building products to make the world a better place, and do our part to fight climate change. That is why, in its current incarnation, FlipAlly’s mobile marketplace is completely free: and this means ad-free too. No more annoying videos or flashing banners to distract you from making the deal of a lifetime!

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