Buy it. Love it. Sell it. Flip it! FlipAlly is the hyper-local mobile marketplace that connects you with your friends and allows you to transact quickly and reliably within a trusted community. Totally free, totally fun, made for students by students.


Want to throw away that table that still has a couple of years left or chuck a used textbook before your big move? At FlipAlly, we strive to extend the life of your preloved items by providing a convenient and reliable platform to buy and sell. Why throw away when you can make some extra cash? Rather than splurging on first-hand items, save some much-needed bucks and get the best deals on beautifully preserved second-hand items! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and we hope to reduce wastage in the world by encouraging people to reuse rather than throw.


Have you ever been stood up by an unreliable buyer, or bought a faulty product from a dishonest seller? Or perhaps you’re avoiding buying from people online because you’re wary of meeting strangers? Enough is enough: say goodbye to all that!. Flip only to familiar faces – either friends or friends of friends – all members within your community, often with similar needs or budgets as you! This way you ensure that your transaction is what you really signed up for. And if you are still not sure, check out their reviews to get a handle on their reliability! At FlipAlly, trust is key.


FlipAlly is more than just a marketplace – it is a social network designed to drive connectivity while transacting preloved items in a safe and secure way. FlipAlly connects you with other students and people in your community. FlipAlly’s social feeds lets you check out what your friends are buying or give tongue-in-cheek names to your sold items. FlipAlly is also fully compatible with your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook Marketplace, Slack, Whatsapp, and more, so you can reach more people, sell and buy with confidence and a build a thriving, trusted community.


Excited to be a part of the hyper-local online marketplace and start Flipping It? We’d be thrilled to have you. Sign up now with your university email address ending in .edu, and start uploading your items directly from your smartphone. In the mood for a shopping spree? Start browsing the fantastic offerings your friends have on right now! Had a great transaction experience? Show your appreciation by leaving your new friend a review and building trust on the platform in the process. And remember to have some fun sharing it to your social network!


At FlipAlly, we are committed to making the world a better place and in the power of technology to connect people together. Our founders met during an MBA program and envisioned a better way to sell, all while reducing wastage and breathing new life into the things we loved. That’s how FlipAlly was born: a brand-new approach to selling that encourages face-to-face communication and interconnectivity, all while helping people do their part in reducing climate change by exchanging preloved items. FlipAlly’s team is working around the clock to build a new, better tomorrow. We are a team with a drive to make a lasting change by disrupting the status quo.


At FlipAlly, we value your privacy. We don’t want your Facebook friends lists or browsing data. We ask only for your email addresses and associated passwords. That’s it, clean and simple.


We are thrilled to hear from you! Send us your questions, comments, or suggestions for improving FlipAlly.


Are you passionate about start-ups, reducing waste, and driving connectivity with the help of technology? Join our team and be a part of a thriving community, built on inspiration and teamwork.

Send us your resume atrecruiting@flipally.com.

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